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Lac Seul

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Heading up for a week of fishing the second week of September. Staying at Lac Seul Outposts up in the NE arm. Bringing our own boat. Owners say guides are unnecessary. I do follow Ben Beattie...although he seems to fish further south and west ?? Anyone have any experience to share ? It sounds like getting a shore lunch of 'eyes shouldn't be a problem. Its the big toothy critters I'm unsure about. I'm organizing my Musky arsenal...any suggestions on baits/colours I should be stocking up on ? Will they still be relating to the cabbage or moved out to the offshore rocks by that time of year ?  Prefer to cast  rather than troll.

I've fished LOW, Eagle, Indian Chain and some of the lakes around Sioux Lookout, but never Lac Seul...so any advice would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance. 

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2 minutes ago, CrowMan said:

Fyi...Ken had triple-bypass heart surgery this spring...he's spending the summer at home recuperating. However, speaking to Brenda, it seems the camp is in good hands this season.

I did not know that.  Thanks for the info!

When I was there, the guides used live bait (minnows) on their jigs.  I used Berkley Power grubs and did not find that I was at a disadvantage.  I mention this because my neighbour here in K-town just got back from a fishing trip to Manitoba (somewhere near Winnipeg) and said there was no live bait to be had.  They ended up fishing with frozen minnows but found that unsatisfactory and not productive.  I did not ask him if they tried power baits, I am guessing NOT.

I have no idea whatsoever if bait will be scarce in NWO, but if you are planning on that, it might be worth asking about it.  Good luck!


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Brenda told me minnows  are no problem for them this season...however, apparently there have been issues all over NWO this summer.

Personally, I too prefer soft plastics to live bait. The last couple of seasons I've become hooked on the new Berkely MaxScent. Outfishes livebait in my experience...easier to keep, stays on the hook longer, and pannies don't steal it as much.

The FlatWorm in Goby colour is crack cocaine for Smallmouth...either on the drop shot or Ned Rig..

And that's coming from a diehard Z-Man, Keitech, and MegaBass devotee..

Walleye can't resist it either...the Jerk Shad is killer...

Check out the purple bag on my dash...






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