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Costco auto inflatable life jackets.

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This is why we can't have nice things.  Easy enough to try out in the store.

Working against my own interests: The Costco sign says "automatic or manual" also the model number in the picture looks like that one is an automatic model.

Costco also sells 2 recharge canisters for $54.

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1 hour ago, Fisherman said:

Yes but are they Transport Canada approved?

I was going to cry FUD! but that was before looking at the mfg page and reading the manual.  Not a mention of Canada approval anywhere!

After some further digging this isn't the first year Costco has sold these.  Last year they cleared them out for $50.

This site here appears to be a Costco return clearance center: https://www.rjpwholesale.com/products/havasu-24-gm-automaticmanual-inflatable-pfd

They list it as Transport Canada approved.  I guess someone has to go an check the product or ask Costco and check for the stamp before buying.

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