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Breaking in the fish bag…

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Got out from Jordan Harbour yesterday hoping to fill my fancy fish bag. Filled bag with ice and was on water by 7am. I have a small 16ft not deep hull so weather is a huge factor on getting out. Water was perfect, bimini up and rods ready.

Zig zagged 75ft to 150ft back and forth with a dipsey/flasher/fly on one side and downrigger spoon off the other. Dipsey probably 30-40’ down and downrigger at 60 or so.

Downrigger grabbed 3 or 4 decent size lakers and dipsey handled a nice salmon. A couple small guys were handled by the dipsey and a few shook off. Think I went 5-9 on the day and out by noon.

This is my 3rd year on Lake Ontario after 30 years chasing Kawartha fish in 4-20ft of water so big learning curve. I’m getting more comfortable and successful and feel like I’m 75% along the way. I think I caught 2 fish my first year putting in many many hours on the water and watching youtube instructions. My second year was an equipment adjustment with proper rods and a used decent downrigger. This year I’m tuning in to location and depth, speed (at the ball) and lure presentation. 

I still love Kawarthas and Lake St. Clair but Lake Ontario is pretty incredible.






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A productive outing for sure, congrats on your success.

That's a nice Coho, fabulous table fare. I brought one home this morning for dinner today, it's about the same size. Cedar plank and BBQ is where it's heading soon.  ;)

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