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Went to GB. 2/2


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Left at 3am. Back at midnight.  Fished 3hrs in the morning the 3 before dark.  Sat on shore middle of the day.  Very sunny. ate ice cream instead of blowing a seal.  
owensound.  30over 65’.  Nothing happening on the spoons.  Changed to a Lyman and bam rainbow.  
Went deep.  65/125.  Spoon.  Look back rod is straight up.  Yell fish and buddy is reeling like mad.  It swam straight at the boat.  Over the rail and in the pail.  

some bait 60’ to 80’ of water.  Some big fish marked.  At least 50 boats so a few fish getting caught.  A guy caught 3 Lakers 80/125. 
It’s just starting out there.  



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