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Nice to watch a pro at work

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I had a crew here yesterday to take down a large elm tree in the back yard and it was really impressive to watch them working very methodically thru the tree with their ropes and pulleys so I took a few pics.









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Impressive, but as a forester I often wonder why they take them down piece by piece when there is adequate room to fell them and cut them up on the ground, I can see that method in a built up urban area with buildings, fences and stuff, just seems a lot of added effort. Shame , not many elms left at that size, most succumb to Dutch Elm long before that size. 


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Most of the outer limbs were allowed to freefall Dave but the heavy ones were lowered by rope so as not to gouge the lawn when they hit and also my septic bed was nearby so the ones above that were all lowered by rope.

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I know what you mean Lew...One year after we moved up here, all 10 poplar trees out back died (only good for 30 years)(planted in '72) As they were the cylindrical type I watched as they felled each and every one... Those 2 guys could drop a tree on a dime...for an extra hundred dollars they cut them up into 15" logs which a neighbor and I then split up into firewood with his splitter...

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