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A$$ whooping on Great Slave


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So the story starts like this, my friend joins me on a trip to Great Slave for Pike fishing on a whim. He'd never been to a lodge, never fished a weekend, or even likely not a full day. Most of his fishing happened as a kid. His PB Pike previously had been a 28incher.


He was a bit out of sorts the night before. He didn't know what he was getting himself into but I had him covered. We were loaded for bear. To put him at ease that first afternoon I give him my favourite lure and he never looked back. Three trophies that afternoon. Honestly at times he had a fish on every 2-5 minutes for what seemed like hours.


Winds were high limiting locations to fish all week because of murky water. There were minor forest fires all around us making for some beautiful sunsets.


The few good spots were getting absolutely pounded but Steve kept on bringing us back and he caught plenty. He has no idea how many trophies he caught. I'd guess about a dozen and may be 2-3 dozen in the high 30s. He caught roughly 3 times the fish I did in all classes, except maybe Walleye.


He loved it all, was totally thrilled with the fishing.

IMGP0014(1) IMGP0018

I finally threw my hands up in the air when he tossed his spoon into a small muddied cloudy shore line pool next to the boat that looked like a double cream coffee. He pulled a chunky one outta of 3ft of water, next cast he does the same thing! It was just going to be one of those trips.


I had two ideas that worked. My one idea got me my biggest fish. My second idea Steve lands a 43 incher.


Even on the way home he had horseshoes up his a$$. His luggage comes off the carousel first in Calgary because we missed our connecter. Ditto at Toronto. I never saw my luggage after we left Yellowknife for 5 days. I finally got the last of my luggage delivered at 11pm from Toronto. For me it was a great trip. We had a lot of laughs and I’ve have a health issue for the last 2 years and wasn't even sure if this trip would go okay. It was nice to live again!

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Nice.  Better to lose your baggage on the homebound trip rather than the outbound trip.  I had the same experience a couple weeks ago coming back from Vancouver....and I do not intend to travel by air again any time soon!

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