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Windy Lake Kayak Fishing?

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We booked Windy Lake PP for the middle of July.

We are camping with some friends who are just getting into fishing and they have yet to have any real success and we were hoping to show them some, but now I am hearing mixed reviews on this lake.  We are going to be kayak fishing.

Is there any hope for us or is Windy Lake just too deep and big? Are there nice little coves or bays we can get to with the kayaks? 

We are hoping for walleye, pike and bass. 

And yes, I know people have said to just drive further to halfway, but at this point halfway is booked solid for our size trailer so that isn't an option at this point.

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I just got back from Windy Lake PP and we had a great time. Stayed in the walk-in sites down by the boat ramp. I can't speak much to the fishing as I was shore bound and very limited shore fishing options. I would note that Windy Lake lived up to it's name, I would have been able to get out on a yak 1 day out of 3 I think, it was blowing pretty good out of the South/Southwest most of the time we were there. I'd check out Navionics web app for a head start before you get there.

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