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Lost Lake Wilderness Lodge Review

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We had the best time up at Lost Lake last week.  I went up with my best friend’s son Ty, who is a fishing nut!  We came from Windsor so the drive was about 9 hours give or take, because it was on a Saturday the traffic wasn’t bad at all.

We were greeted right away by Melisa (Owner).  We settled up and went to our cottage for the week (Cottage #7).  The cottage was well maintained, extremely clean (and I mean EXTREMELY CLEAN!) and perfect for the 2 of us.  Tony (Owner) came by to go over the boats, lakes, baits, meals etc.  Tony and Melissa are the best hosts you can ask for!!  Both are very personable and take great pride in ownership. 

When you go down to breakfast, Tony will ask where we were going to fish for the day and give you some spots and pointers.  Fishing for the first couple days was slow, we just had a front move in but after getting to know the lakes we started catching fish.  We fished 4 lakes (lost Lake, Bloom, Leta and Wigwam) while there catching tons of smallies and pike.  We took the trip to Leta Lake where we caught 15 brook trout in just a few hours.

The boats are very well maintained and it was nice that the Lost Lake boats had push button starters.  I had a shoulder surgery a few years ago and all the boats started up right away. 

The portage paths are good.  I had a knee replacement last June and I had no problem going through the bush paths to get to the other lakes.

We met some very cool people while there, we had a group from Michigan, Pennsylvania and 2 more groups from Ontario.  Every day the dining room was full of conversation of the days fishing, baits, spots, etc.  All the groups caught a lot of fish but I think the boys from Michigan out fished us all!

The staff are amazing people, Taylor and Chad worked their butts off for us and the rest of the groups to ensure we all had a great time.  Taylor even made me chocolate cookies to take with me when leaving.  Thanks to both of you!!

The food was terrific (American Plan).  Tony is an excellent cook and all the meals were delicious!  As were the deserts.  Meals were planned out very well and never went away hungry.

I have only been back a couple days and already miss it.  Ty and I are already planning the next trip up there.  I highly recommend Lost Lake Wilderness Lodge not only for the fishing (which is awesome!) but the cottages, meals, camaraderie and the staff.  We came in as strangers and left as friends with Tony, Melissa and staff!


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Hey Lew!  It is better than you remember it, for sure.  They have really cleaned up the place, boats, motors, etc.  The fishing is also very good, then again I am spoiled living around Lake St. Clair, Detroit River and Erie.  Much bigger fish and plenty of them but there is nothing better than being up north in the clean air and all the beauty surrounding it!!!

Thanks BassMan!!

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54 minutes ago, Chrispy said:

Hey Lew!  It is better than you remember it, for sure. 

When I was there the son of the owners was driving us to a different lake on our last day and we put our gear in the back of his truck. He put a small outboard there too but it tipped over and broke one of my rods. They'd treated us so darned good all week I never told them he broke my rod as they'd feel terrible and probably want to replace it and I didn't want that to happen.

I don't remember the name of the owners back then but could still be the same great family.

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Tony and Melissa bought the camp 11 years ago.  I don't think they are related.  But they will treat you like one of the family!!

Mamona, I hear ya!!  LOL!

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Freshtrax, yes.  The main camp is on Lost Lake.  From Lost Lake you can go to a couple more lakes, Wigwam, Bloom and Calcite doing a couple of easy portages.  Leta was the Brook Trout lake that they bring you through the bush in a side by side, which was a great experience if you have never done something like that.  All in all the fishing was really good!  The boys from Michigan put on a clinic the last couple days.  I think they said the last lake they fished (Everett Lake, I think?) and caught 80 or more fish in the day, with some big pike and bass caught.  Ty and I have already talked about getting back there next spring and bringing his brother.  Like I said, Tony, Melissa and the staff are terrific hosts!!

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