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Walleye fishing @ Lac Seul.

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Hi all, 

got up to Lac Seul here in NW Ontario for the first of our ‘3 Amigo’ fishing trips of the year. All reports, including the ones from folks at the landing moments before heading out, were indicating ‘spotty’ fishing at best. Late ice out, high water levels and a relatively cold start to the year had me believing it, as did the first 2 hours out there hopping around depths from 30’FOW to 4’FOW, with only a fish here and there from all those depths. Nothing really on the mid water humps, although some were absolutely loaded with schools of bait fish, the walleye won’t be far behind but not quite settled on those predictable and productive summer spots. The sweet spot seemed to be windswept shores between 8’ and 17’ FOW, and we found a particularly sweet stretch of shore with non stop 20”+ fish right under the boat. Leeches, plastics, minnows in that order worked best.



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