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Been busy,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

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Been improving and getting a bit out of my comfort zone using different materials,as I am getting requests from some guys that cannot find what they are looking for or have one or two baits left that they cannot get any more.





Also a new line up of ice bugs for this upcoming ice season. 80% of my beads now are tungsten. This seems to be the way to go now,but there is still many that want the brass and SS beads.









I seem to be getting away from tidiness these days. LOL




New job is great, loving it. Weekends seem to go bye quick even though they are 12 hour shifts. Busy busy.



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3 minutes ago, Spiel said:

Your tying skills are advancing rapidly Brian, good job Sir.

Oh and nice hat.  😃

Thanks Chris. That means a lot.Ya,I am still spending a lot of time on the vise, but in all honesty,I really do enjoy it. I think it,s when I start something new, and keep trying to improve and see what I and others find a good/great tie, makes me happy inside. I always take the, good,bad and ugly comments to heart. How else does one learn.


Oh that hat, well,aint no sun rays going to bother this guys eyes. I may need to hold it up a bit so I can see the float way down the riv. LOL

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