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Anyone fish the temagami area?


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havs a trailer at happy holiday campground for the season and there are so many lakes around here!

 If anyone has fishing experience in the area id truly appreciate a pm and some specirs info for the lakes close by.

 I dont want to name any lakes cause i think its against the rules to ask info on small lakes on the general discussion

 Any info would be invaluable


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The owner let me bring all my stuff up there a few days early,on the day of closing the lawyer found a discrepensy on the deed and the whole thing fell apart..lost a few grand there.

So i got a spot in an rv park in temagami for the summer.

 But i just signed the papers this morning for a waterfront in quebec on lake opasatica for a great price!!!

 It doesnt close till august so id like to do some fishing in temagami for a bit

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Sorry to hear about your purchase falling through.

I'm sure besides being painful financially you were extremely disappointed.

Unfortunately I can't help with fishing info around Temagami.

There are others on the board who I think are familiar with that area and hopefully they see your post and help you out.


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