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2007 Merc 3.5hp 4 stroke


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No, I ran one on a 16 foot sportspal wide transom and it was fine.  I had the Tohatsu version, but the Merc 3.5 is the same motor.  I think it will be fine on an 18 foot square back in my opinion, and it will go like hell too LOL.  The only concern I could see is if you have one of those really narrow little square sterns, and even then I’d guess it’d be ok as they aren’t very heavy.

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Thanks for the info porkpie, I have a 1 year old sportpal with a nice wide stern.

You are correct that it should go like he'll, I may actually get a chance to see the whole lake finally after 5 years. It's not a big lake but I was using my minkota  electric so speed was not really a option. 

Any clue what it's worth?


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I picked up a like new 2018 Suzuki 2.5 for 500 for my sportspal, which I figured was a good deal. You might be  somewhere around that price point. I have the narrower flat back sportspal and actually managed to fall out when I stood up and leaned over the motor to check that it was pumping water out. Thought I was gonna tip the canoe so flopped out. Ruined my cell phone. Some weight up front would’ve really helped. Other than that it was good.

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