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Another nasty storm

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Not sure about anywhere else but here in the eastern Kawarthas folks are still digging out from that huge storm that went thru a few weeks back and killed a bunch of people.

Another vicious storm hammered us again at 2 this afternoon. Started with thunder off in the distance then the wind came in like a hurricane and rain so heavy I could hardly see across the road. Whole thing lasted maybe 15 minutes and the storm left as fast as it came in. I've only gone 500 feet down the road to help a neighbor who lost several trees but between here and there I saw dozens of trees ripped from the ground or just snapped off. 

I've got a link to power outages and it shows 1100 homes without power within probably 10 miles from here.

Last storm we were without power for a week but don't know about today.

Hope none of you boys had any serious damage if you got hit today.

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On 6/16/2022 at 4:51 PM, AKRISONER said:

With climate change Ontario is literally now getting warm enough to link in with the traditional “tornado alley” 

rough go for everyone up in the north east. Sadly this is not going to get better any time soon.

Ontario has been tornado central for Canada as far back as I can remember.

May 31st 1985 there were 14 tornadoes in Ontario. Four were rated ef4 including the one that went through Barrie.

Not really anything new. Y'all get multiple tornadoes every year.

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