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Aluminum vs Fibreglass

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11 hours ago, siwash said:

It's an 18 HP mid-80s Merc. We're those good engines?

Not especially no, and I owned a merc small motor from that generation at one time.  I paddled home from several duck hunts, and I generally keep my equipment well tuned and regularly serviced.  It would rank among my last choices of old motors from the 80’s, second only to a Chrysler.  My first choice would be a 2 cylinder Johnston/evinrude from the late 80’s to mid 90’s.

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h that's too bad!  I just put in a conditional offer... going tomorrow.. the boat is mine as long as I like what I see in person...  Motor will be started for me... and it runs well - at least now it does.  I like the boat.. 16.5 x 67" 

I'll post pics when I get it home!

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