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Need help adding rectifier to 9.9 outboard

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I have a 2001 Johnson 2 stroke 9.9 kicker

I would like to get it to charge my battery while trolling with it
I assume it has some sort of stator to fire the plugs
So can I just add a rectifier / regulator and run it to the battery or do I have to buy a different more amp stator for it to work
Any insight would be helpful 
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8 hours ago, misfish said:

No idea. Where is that Wayne guy when ya need him? 😆 

Where have the days gone when we could drive/walk to a river fish with simple equipment and go home. Now we need help!!! Wayne guy is in the Temog country by now. Terry needs help. Mr B help him out. 


7 hours ago, Terry said:

Thanks that helps



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