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Yamaha F20 Not "Peeing" Water

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Hi all, haven't been on here in forever, so first of all hello to everyone.  I need some help.  Started my Yamaha F20 this year and no water was "peeing out".  I tried to clear any obstruction around the hole and nothing.  I took the lower unit off and replaced the impeller (old one looked fine) and still nothing.  When I start the motor, I can tell it is pumping because the water is being forced out through where the lower unit and top end join.  The only thing I can think of is that the water pump housing is leaking?  Any thoughts/suggestions?  Thanks in advance!

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some of these motors also have a thermostat. I thought I had a problem once because mine wasn't peeing out either...waited around 30 seconds and it started. That was in some cold conditions, gotta admit I was very nervous letting it run those 30 seconds!

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