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Is it still available? PT 2 LOL

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Buddy posted a ram parting out. Sent is this still available?



How much ?

This much.

Ok,I will come look


Show up,look over,locking handles broke.

I say,how about this much ?


So I will not say what I paid,but I felt like a thief,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, LOL

I have looked over a lot of them. Nice to find the custom fit one. Leer

Buddy even helped remove from the old truck and set up on mine. Bolts were rusty on the clamps and snapped. He gave me replaced with new. He is local and has a small scrap shop. He has loads of good steel rims. I will be back to get my winter ones from him. Real nice guy.

Now to look for 2 locking handles and a blow up mattress,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,


Ram is starting to look really sharp.



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4 hours ago, Terry said:

Good deal and it’s make for a ram , the used one I bought I had to make it fit ram 

Soooo did you have to Ram it on there to make it fit?


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