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Setting up the new shop

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Finally found the roll desk that suited me. Open to sit on the left ( so I can see the TV still),width fit in the space I had. My PC screen fit with my double stack pull drawers. Nice upper drawers and a pull out table on the right to leave my UV cure lamp when doing UV. Now I just need to keep it tidy. LOL




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That's beauty Brian. I always wanted one for my fly tying but I never did get one so mark me envious.

I'm not sure I want to know but I'm gonna ask. What's the TP for?  😄

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1 hour ago, misfish said:

Blowing my nose. Allergy time.

I would of thought more concern for the grinder. LOL

LOL......I'm a Fly Tyer, I know what the grinder is for.  ;)

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