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So this Happened Today

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I finally had a window of decent weather to take my daughter, her pup as well as my pup.
This was my boys first time in the boat and he enjoyed it thoroughly.

The target, big Channel Cats. Sadly the big girls didn't come out to play. We weren't fishing 5 minutes when we were into a double header, my daughter's was a Cat and mine a was Bowfin. The next 30 minutes was constant action but few fish over the gunnels. The end result for a few hours of fishing was, 1 Cat, 2 Bowfin, 1 Pumpkinseed and a scruffy Northern.










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16 minutes ago, Whopper said:

Awesome report Chris. I see your still sporting the Lund, I told you before and I'll say it again that is a really nice ride.

Thanks for sharing a fishing report

Thanks Phil. I've sadly and regrettably not been using the Lund as much as she deserves to be used, I've even toyed with selling it a few times and I've had amazing offers on it. However, my daughter Madison informed me a few years back I'm not allowed to sell it, she has laid claim to it. :)

 I will concur with you whole heartedly, it is a really nice ride.  :D

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11 minutes ago, Spiel said:

I should drag old Farmer up there for a day of Whities, it's been a few years since he and I were last there. 

He has mentioned that, a few times,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

I have even offered to guide.

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