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Mojikit & Ogoki Resevoir

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6 guys from the Cleveland area are heading to Ogoki & Mojikit. It's such a large body of water and this will be our first time I was hoping for any guidance.  We're staying on the channel with Wilderness North Outfitters and I'm looking for anyone with knowledge of the water and to maybe point out ... where to try and where to avoid for master angler type pike.  I've read just about everything I can find concerning the water, canoe routes, dam, glacier and river history.  I've seen a few blogs watched a few videos but there aren't that many actual fishing accounts for this water.  So, I'd really appreciate any first hand, more recent than 2015 knowledge.  We leave in just over 3 weeks and can't wait to see the splendor that is the Wabakimi PP. We stayed at their Musgrave location a few years ago and had a blast, everyone caught their largest fish ever - included a few pictures from that trip below.  Thanking you all in advance!  Stay well, God bless.










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Water is extremely high right now, they have opened the waboose and summit dams currently.  Everything including the spawn is two weeks behind so in 3 weeks it should still fish like early June. The reservoir is full of lumber so if I were you I would focus on mojikit. Check out Mike Borgers site for his trip report on mojikit or contact Chris Brock on here he was there with Mike. Great fishery

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