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Island living

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Newbie to the group.

Have always wanted to buy a waterfront property.

Amidst the crazy market haven't been a successful venture so far. Erosion, flooding or high $$$$!!

Came across an island property listing in the Honey Harbour area.

Don't even own a boat.

But everyone's got to start somewhere.

Learn and adapt and enjoy, hopefully!

Read some threads in the group. Understood about High trafficked areas.

Is there a community orientation group or something similar to that or even within this group some one/group can kick start us with know how's, to dos, for an understanding before I dive in!!!

Need to know based on those learning, awareness orientation whether island living is for us.

1. Boat licensing and learning to handle a boat - that by itself is a project.

2. Cost of maintenance of both boat and an island property 

3. Erosion?!

4. Winter access

What else...

I understand that this would be like Bambi swimming!!!!

But don't wannu give up without trying or attempting to atleast learn.

Thanks for reading the long post if you did manage to get through to the end, lol!


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And being on an island there's not many options for firetrucks or ambulances to get to you in a hurry if needed and although I don't know, that could make getting insurance an issue. And transporting yourself and gear back and forth on lousy rainy days is never fun.

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