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My flys and bugs are getting out there, and missed a great time this weekend

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It is just getting started, but I am building a small supported group of buyers. With their word spreading,it will ,I hope,get more customers. Added a new curing machine to my UV bugs. Usually I would just set them up on a tray and put out on the warm sunny days to get a full nice cure,but those days are not here yet, so,I have been using this thingamabob nail UV hardening thing I bought from Micheals. I give a quick blast with the UV light to get the UV set,then put the bugs under the suntanning bed to give it a full cure while I continue tying more . Seems to work well.

These two lots will be heading out tomorrow.










One fella is doing great this week.







Working weekends now and the opener on  Saturday,I was unable to fish with my oldest and my grandson for his first ever opener. Turns out he had a great day with his dad, and caught his 1st rainbow. When I watched the video, it was a very proud moment. Sorry for the F BOMB



My day to fish will be Thursday. Busy, busy, busy.



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12 minutes ago, aplumma said:

At the end of the day remember this is a hobby that you enjoy don't make it into a less enjoyable job. Very nice looking bugs for sure. 



I hear ya Art. I am building a customer base for my retirement days. A bit of extra income cash, is nice. LOL

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