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The whitings are on fire

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We ended up with a beautiful two bedroom, two bath place right at Apache Pier in Myrtle Beach. Weather has been awesome with daytime highs in the high 70s almost every day. To top it all off the bite has been the best I have ever seen. Blues, whitings, sand perch and even a few Spanish mackerel  (we haven't caught any of the mackerel but we aren't fishing for those).

Today was exceptional, hit the pier at 8 am, it opens at 7 but it was raining so we woosed out. You are allowed two rods per person, I got my first line out and set and it was all out action from then on. Limit on whitings is 50 per person per day, I  can't tell you how many we caught, it was stupid but I ended up keeping 39 of the bigger ones which are now cleaned, soaking in salt water in the fridge and ready to vac seal tomorrow. 

Things here are so much less expensive, gas $3.66/ gal. Clothing, fresh fruit (whole pineapples $1.00 ea) booze, a 26 of CC, $9.00, we just bought fresh jumbo shrimp for $5.99/lb, mind you those prices are in US$ but even with the exchange.....

Anyway, for as long as god grants me the ability I think this is going to be an annual trip, it's a nice break from winter and a great way to recharge the batteries 😊


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That's all I can think of to say?



Just thought of something else!

Pictures of your adventures?

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You had me at shrimp. Sounds like a real good time. Been telling my family for the last seven years we’re gonna road trip it down south one of these winters….maybe some day 

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Well anyone that knows me, known I am not much for pictures but how about my cooler of vac sealed whiting fillets. There's one small bag of shrimp (cooked) that we caught when we went digging clams. It was a hoot, the shrimp were caught in a tidal pool when the tide went out and try to catch those little buggers, we must have looked like fools, boy can they ever move. Anyway one more adventure to add to the list 😊

So here is ,a picture of my cooler, about 12 bags of whitings. 



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