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Boat rigging opinions…

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Running a G3 177 Outfitter , Tiller .

Thinking of mounting a cannon track system on the gunnel, it’ll be tight ….

Has anyone mounted a track sys on narrow gunnels ? was gonna reinforce under the gunnel where the track sys goes .




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It's doable if the holes line up with a space to put the nut and bolts underneath.. a little hanging over the edge would be ok I think..

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I see you’ve given up on the idea for now, but I’ll give my thoughts for next time.  I have wide gunnels and the tracks on the gunnels are great, but I have lots of area for reinforcement underneath.  

MY old boat had skinny gunnels and I mounted tracks on the decks and used pedestals.  It was a great setup, and when they weren’t in use I put the inserts in the tracks and it was a very clean install.  That’s the way I’d go if I where you.  

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