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Reel maintenance and lubrication

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I service them when I can’t turn the handle easily or if the level of squeaking becomes unacceptably loud. Otherwise why fool with what’s working.  A good friend of mine deliberately brought a squeaky reel on the boat every time we fished for years as he knew how much I loved the sound!

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On 3/25/2022 at 5:57 PM, SirCranksalot said:

I am surprised that a reel would need new parts. What parts were replaced? I have balked at sending to P'boro with the postage cost etc. I had my Stradic serviced by a guy in Missuagua(sp?) someplace and was not too impressed. 

Stradics are notorious for blowing bail springs. Any baitcaster can need a new set of bearings, it happens.

i bought a jdm stradic mg off of a guy two years ago for 60 bucks. Put a new bail spring stripped the thing down and cleaned the heck out of it, re grease and oil and the thing is so smooth that the handle annoyingly spins reels on its own it’s so smooth lol.

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14 hours ago, b_cdot said:

I've read mixed responses on this one, does anyone use mineral oil?

You can, however it does not have the same “bonding” qualities or the water resistance of proper reel or gun oil. Those specific oils contain additives to make them “stickier” and are designed to combat water and corrosion. 

It will do in a pinch but there are better options! A quick google will tell you guys use it but they find that it washes away after a good fish in the rain.

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