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Toronto Sportsman show March


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On 3/2/2022 at 11:13 AM, duke2555 said:

when and where is the Mississauga bass masters spring swap meet?


I don’t know how Mississauga ended up on there.  Brain error on my part I guess!  It’s the Hamilton bass masters spring swap and it’s on the 26th of March.  Info on their Facebook.

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17 hours ago, wkrp said:

Just returned from the show. Pretty poor for the fisherpeople . I cannot speak for the hunters as I don't partake in hunting.  Waste of $15 for me. I will not be attending in the foreseeable future

How crowded was it? Was it not $20 to get in?

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I was there yesterday as well (1-3pm).  Sad shell of what it was before unfortunately. I never cared that much about the deals but there really was absolutely nothing this time.  Quick notes compared to the last one (2019 I guess - wow)

- normally 2 halls (go in at entrance 5 and a bunch is there then some stuff back in the other side (entrance 1). This time just the one area.  Basically 3 or 4 aisles stretched over a couple big rooms. 

- Not too busy but it was a weekday afternoon

- I swear it's the ATV show now.  Every spot big enough had a collection of argos/atvs/side by sides.  

- Couple legend boats a couple guys pushing lithium batteries, that was about it for boating stuff

- Hunting variety seemed about the same maybe (not a hunter so couldn't say for sure)

- Only a couple tackle dealers, none of the regulars I usually buy from during the show, was hoping to get some trolling gear but didn't bother

- We usually have fun with the 'extras' but other than the archery range there wasn't any: no birds of prey, no pellet gun range, no MNR with the beavers and snakes, etc

- pretty sure I counted 5 hair dressings place that kept leaping out at my wife.

- There were seminars I suppose but I didn't bother waiting for any.  

- Maybe 10 or 12 outfitters with booths, very quiet.

- Best thing was the lady selling cheescake tarts - pretty much sums it up.


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4 hours ago, tbayboy said:

- Best thing was the lady selling cheescake tarts - pretty much sums it up.


They were good. Bought a couple treys. 

Show was disappointing. Only good tackle stand was Pro J. I did pick up a couple things though. Was hoping to hit the Lund, alumacraft shimano and h bird booths but none of them were there. 

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9 hours ago, David Chong said:

Look forward to see you there! I'm have tables 8, 9 & 10 in the Swap Area!

Sweet!  The Mrs and I are going for breakfast then going to swing buy (get it, pun, buy vs by ;))  Is there a food donation bin this year?  

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Went to the show on Saturday and I'll echo what was said here.  Not many tackle areas and lots of ATV's. I miss the days with the Arena full of events. On the plus side my kid caught a trout and was ecstatic so that made the day worthwhile

IMG_2989 2.jpg

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