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That hurt


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I made it back alive. OMG, That is more snow then I thought that's for sure.I thought the wind would of swiped most if not, at least half that snow off the bay. 10,000 steps and 6 lbs lost I think. I will pay for it tomorrow. Getting old sucks EH.LOL.

I managed one on the Williams and a juvi on my high hook sow fly that was released, along with a few dink herring. When I was packing up, there was a 16 ft radius of slush around me under the snow. It is going to be a mess out there with Wednesday temps reaching +2 here. .The one kept is going to be smoked candy tomorrow.




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We have about 18 inches here.  I was up at my camp raking the snow off the parts of the roof that I can reach, AFTER clearing the driveway at home.  Yep, I'm gonna hurt tomorrow too!  🙄


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