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Make sure those drain plugs are removed as of Jan 1st, 2022 fellas!


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Friendly reminder that amendments to the Invasive Species Act have come into place as of Jan 1, 2022.   

So make sure those drain plugs are out and your trailer isn't carrying 500lbs of weeds before putting it into the water :)  I'm really surprised it took this long to have a law like this in place.  

For me personally this will be a non issue, all I gotta do is swap locations of my drain plug to make this easier (currently installed inboard).   Maybe add a chain or something in case it comes out (doubtful).  

It's a rarity my trailer comes out of the water with any weeds on it (Sans for one launch I use on Gbay).   

Apologies if this has been mentioned before, did a quick search and didn't find anything.



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You mean people don't pull their plugs when they haul out their boats?

I've been doing it since day one!!! Not because of invasive species but because of rain filling it up on the trailer while parked. I also have a small leak so it lets me drain out any water that's in the boat.

A few years ago buddy and his wife were launching their boat at my lake and they were pulling out when I showed up. Why? Left the plug in all winter tons of water in the bottom of the boat and the freeze killed his bilge pump. He put it on the trailer and was about to leave when I gave him a little piece of advice. I told him to pull his plug and drain out the 1,000#'s plus of water in the boat before he left so as not to put more strain on the boat and trailer. 

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I'm the opposite, I always tow with the drain plug in, it never comes out unless I've been out in a rain storm.   I'm pretty anal when it comes to water in the bilge, always checking and running the pump if I have to.  I'm sure I'll forget the plug this year, but that's what auto bilges are for lol 

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Sounds like another govt control law to me.

I never take my plug out because my boat doesn't leak.

Reasonable measures to remove algae and weeds. Who determines reasonable. A CO in a bad mood wants it power washed

Never have I ever seen a drain plug in a canoe. Will we be expected to install one.

Maybe they should concentrate  on ocean freighters before canoes

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