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Why fly in trips are my favourite style of trip


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I get asked a lot about my favorite outdoors trip.   While they have always been amazing if pressed I would say my most memorable trip was the first fly in outpost trip I did in 2014.   

At this stage I would say fly in outpost trips are my preferred trip, for a lot of different reasons.    A big one for me is that feeling when the plane leaves you at the dock on “your” lake for the week   

Here’s my reasons why 




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I used to fly in to the Dumoine in Quebec every year, it was a lot of fun, but now you can drive and it saves a lit of money, fishing is just as good to. Flew into Esnagi (sp) out of White River, McQuat out of Atikokan and a couple out of Nakina.

I agree, when the plane pulls out, it's like the weight of the world is pulled off your shoulders

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