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Big Cats on the Lower Mad


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It's been a while and I'm due for a fishing post.  Here's four cats caught in the Lower Madawaska river during the past couple of years.  The Ontario record is 33 lbs caught here...hoping to beat it someday.  We spend most of our fishing days chasing bass, but it's hard to beat the battle of a big ol' cat.  My shoe size is 13 in the last pic...fatty!






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wow super gross. No offense, just have never been able to get my head wrapped around catfish. Thankful that I never catch them myself, just have to unhook the odd one my kids deep hook. Either way, you do have some nice specimens there...just not my cup of tea! 

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The cat bite has been been active on the Lower Mad this year since the opener...nothing bigger than last year's monsters, most of them between 7 and 10 pounds with a few exceptions.  This one was about 18 lbs unofficially, based on a 16 lber that was weighed.


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