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Got me a new toy


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Nice, I have an off-shore one for seeing what's below too.  

My new this year, an FXR float suit for me, FXR pants for the Mrs (her jacket was still a good floater), new CKX boots for all and a new Pelican 68 with cover and trailer bar.  


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I'm jealous of the new camera! Had a cheap one off of Amazon that was supposedly rated for 100 feet. Worked great perch fishing in 15-20 feet. Was able to keep the drinks off the bait and bring the bait to the larger fish. The first time on Simcoe in 40+ FOW the camera lasted about a minute before flooding and burning out.  You'll enjoy the camera; I know I did as long as it lasted.


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42 minutes ago, aplumma said:

Very cool that is a game changer up North where the water is clear enough to see stuff. Down South we have way to much silt and sediment for them to be viable. 


Same in some of the more northern "tea stained" lakes, might get to see 12 inches at 20 feet down.

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