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GM invests in electric boats

John Bacon

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I think far more likely prior to outright banning two stroke oil would be the simple consideration for the utilization of recycled oil.

the entirety of nascar runs their cars on recycled oil re-refined by safety Kleen under the brand “performance plus”

there are very few companies still making two stroke products anymore and even fewer outboard companies (I believe no one anymore?)

the idea of outright banning two strokes seems impossible to police and implement if people purchased the motor years before. Especially in the case of people such as myself with high powered two stroke motors. Snowmobilers also come to mind. What are you going to tell people with $20,000 motors that their engine is now banned out of the blue? That’s a bit of a reach. 

as referenced above, thousands of people may drag small 4 stroke motors into the bush, but literal millions recreationally boat around every year and primary usage would guess exceed 95% of trips entailing travelling a distance of less than 100km per trip. As such electric motors make all of the sense in the entire world. Hell most guys running fishing boats are carrying 3 or myself 4 friggin batteries to begin with. Heck I’d even be running 4 lithium ion batteries if I could afford it. 

the tech is basically already developed, the people like myself that carry 140 litres of gas plus 4 group 31 batteries are almost/probably pretty damn close to having no weight issues by carrying one very large lithium based battery to power everything. Heck, You know what the first thing most of us fisherman do when we get back to the docks at night? We plug the boat in 🤣 The price is too high and the demand is too low at the moment. But with premium marine gas going for well over $2 a litre probably closer to $3 this summer. We are on the absolute tip of the iceberg here.


who the hell is going to complain about unlimited power band and 100% tourque delivery out of their outboard anyways. Just think of the hole shot!

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Two-stroke engines are now in demand in the market. But no one says that they have more fuel consumption. And a lot of noise. Two-stroke engines tend to work a little louder than four-stroke ones at maximum rpm. Also, this is a somewhat controversial point if we talk about durability. There is an opinion that two-stroke engines are less durable. So investing in two-stroke engines is not the best idea for me. Suppose a large company such as GM invests, then no problem. But for a person who wants to invest his money in something, this funding method will not work. It is much better to use the investment app, and understand what is better, webull vs robinhood.

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