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Looking for Crows

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If anyone has property south of London or up near Sarnia/Walladeburg that has crows flying constantly… please let me know. Message here or text. 

Spent the day in Essex county asking farmers to shoot crows. Many that I talk to haven’t seen much. I know Chatham Kent - Sarnia - Wallaceburg is full of them but it’s a ways to go for me to spend a day asking like today. 

It’s extremely sad seeing all the “no hunting” signs at farms. Most of the owners I spoke with were turned off because of the coyote hunters. They know who they are - trespassing doing whatever they want. So I got skunked today. 

If anyone knows of any areas let me know. Thanks everyone. 

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The London area has had too many crows.  Farming provides a food source that is not natural and has the population increase to way more then should be present.  The increase of one animal due to people creates a problem for other animals.  Crows raid the nests of other birds so now other bird numbers are down. 

the natural environment of southern Ontario is lost forever.  People have given advantage to some species.  Those are now a problem. 
either allow management by people or you will have to pay for management.  That is your only choice.  

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If you haven’t sat in a hedro for crows - that’s too bad. One of the smartest birds there is, acrobatic in the air more so than a goose/duck.  Grew up learning to shoot, shooting crows. At one point farmers were paying guys to do it in Chatham. 

Now every farmer I’ve talked too is gun shy due to trespassing during coyote season. 

crows are listed as a nuisance who the hell eats them? Like saying people eat coyotes. 

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