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Mitchell 310a red

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Gentle people of the forum, I just found my old dads Garcia Mitchell 300A with single red gasket and what vintage rod i could pair it with.

I mainly fish for walleye either jigging or casting so something with medium action and fast taper. Ant Ideas would be appreciated.

Thanks Mel

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I own 4 of these reels. Loved the 300’s, the original from the 1940’s or it could have been the 50’s? and a 300  both from my late father and my own which no longer works. The 4th. which was given to me from a great next door neighbour who I miss very much. He gave it to me before he went into a nursing home where he eventually passed on to the great fishing hole in the sky.  I also bought the new version a few years back so I guess there’s actually 5 of them hanging around in my garage.
R.I.P Dad and Ernie. I hope the fish are hungry wherever you’re at.

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