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Does my Yammy need the ICU?

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Just winterizing my 2007.  Noticed a crack on the port side at the rear above the prop. No crack on the opposite side. Gear case oil is clear like honey. Tried muscling the lower unit forward and backwards and crack doesn’t seem to move. I hit some rocks hard 11 yrs ago. Skeg , prop and mid section of engine damaged. Repaired by dealer and has been perfect since. $4500. What should be done?  Can this be welded?  Try JB Weld?  Or watch it. I’d appreciate any advice. 





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2 hours ago, Dara said:

The vertical cracks don't look real bad but is that horizontal one a crack or a paint seam.

Thats serious if its a crack

Good eye but I'm hoping it's a paint seam.   I wouldn't get too excited about the vertical one, maybe a bit of bondo splitting away.

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I would carefully sand the paint down to the bare metal. If it is cracked you will see it as a dark lines in the metal. Looking at your photos the other side of the engine has no marks or lines . In my opinion if you had cracks in that area you would see the mirror image on both sides

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