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Clearwater Florida Fishing report


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Finally got back to Clearwater Florida for a couple of weeks after missing last year due to the Pandemic.  We stay at a cottage near Indian Rocks beach and always get some fishing in. Outside the usual Whiting, Jackfish and Catfish off the surf I was able to get out on the boat for some nearshore for some Snook and Bull Redfish hunting. While the Bulls weren't having any of what I would throw, the Snook were on fire! Landed two including my personal best 42inches and got cut off by about 5 more as they dove and broke me off before I could bring them up. Awesome time and cant get to go back in May for some Tarpon! 



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36 minutes ago, akaShag said:

me neither.  Mind you, I have never fished for them.............😁

You can fish for them but I got a better chance of catching a freshwater shark  than you getting a Snook up North. lol


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