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Painting aluminum boats?

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Any of you guys paint aluminum boat before? 

before I put the floors in my old Starcraft, I’m thinking I should repaint the bottom while I have the chance. 

I don't want to strip off the old paint though. Can anyone recommend a good roll on paint and primer? There may be some exposed aluminum after sanding

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Just use zinc chromate primer on any bare aluminum followed with a decent marine topside paint.  For price Rustoleum Topside works pretty good.

I did this $250.00 jon boat for my nephews to putz around in with Rustoleum and I used truck bed liner for the interior.


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The bottom is painted already? Just prep it well, and clean it really good before paint. Wipe it all really good with acetone and a clean rag. The Prep is really the key. Interlux makes a good quality paint that's readily available in Canada. I painted my whole boat with exterior latex and it is holding up really well. I needed ultra flat paint though, so it was a little harder to find an actual marine grade paint that was ultra flat and available in canada. 

Get a good self etching primer to hit the bare metal, or it will just peel off. 




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