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SeaFoam sale


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FYI, SeaFoam is on sale at Peavy Mart (former TSC) for $8.99 a bottle that is normally $12.99 a bottle.  Oh and places like Walmart and Canadian Tire (I think) offer a price match so here is a screen shot you can save to your phone and use when needed...  ;)  

SeaFoam sale.jpg

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It certainly is a miracle in a can. Leah's 3 carb x 25HP Honda had a miss at idle when we started out the summer. Tried new plugs and wasn't that, one carb/cylinder that just didn't want to run as well as the other two. 1/3rd of a bottle of Seafoam to her full gas tank and then one run into town had it purring like a kitten again!

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