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want to take my 4 year old on 1st fishing trip...


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Hey folks, as the title states, I want to take the little guy on his first outing.. I'll need to keep it short and looking for panfish action.  I live near Schomberg, so York Region waterways or Caledon would make sense and we'd be fishing from shore.  I actually live near the Holland canal but it seems like it gets pretty busy at the access point along #9 and there's a fair amount of trash too..  I've never actually fished it though so maybe harshly judging it!   Terracotta used to be alright but I don't think there are any fish left in those ponds. We'd be using worms and bobber to keep it simple. Any suggestions for some shore fishing? Thanks! 

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I would say Glenn Haffy in Caledonian/Mono area.  Two stocked ponds but fairly big and at this time of year it shouldn’t be shoulder to shoulder.  
only downside is I am pretty sure next weekend is the last weekend of the season 

I took my daughter there when she was younger and we did well w bobbers 


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