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DIY bunkie question - Disregard, it’s not worth doing.

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disregard this topic. I’ve decided against it. Too difficult to try and make something nice out of something so small. I may just do a fold down platform for an air mattress. Trying to keep a fabric or foam mattress closed up in a wall in there is asking for trouble. (Mould mildew, mice etc.)

original post

Hey everyone, we bought a seasonal trailer this year that came with a really nice custom shed. I’m going to finish out the inside with luxury vinyl plank flooring, rustic cabinetry and a Murphy bed.

the exterior walls are not done in ply or OSB. No tyvek. The previous owner did clever cladding of horizontal siding with pressure treated fence boards from the eaves down and board and batten in the gable ends.

my question is, should I install some sort of vapour barrier inside? I’m going to clad the exposed 3x2 with rustic boards or shiplap. I will definitely do a vapour barrier and cladding where the mattress is, but wonder if the rest is overkill. This may be heated occasionally by a 120v heater. No AC. I’m not planning on insulating it as it’s in the shade 90% of the summer. No use from Oct 31-may 1st. (Ontario climate)
thanks in advance

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