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Sprucing up the old homestead


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When we bought this house 12 years ago it was a beige color with dark brown facia & eavestroughs.

We made a choice this year to brighten things up so I started with the back deck in May and replaced all the boards and then repainted everything else. We decided to go with light green siding and the guys came a couple weeks back and started stripping everything off including facia & troughs and then started putting up the new siding and right away we knew my wife had made a great color choice and it's a huge improvement over the old beige.

There were a few delays because of weather but the guys worked hard and did an absolutely fantastic job and after the siding was finished they replaced the dark brown metal with white and it's all done now except for downspouts and they'll be here today to finish the job.

I repainted the red shutters dark green and once the bugs are all gone I'll remove that red screen door and replace it with a new white storm door.

Just thought some of you may find this sorta stuff interesting.










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28 minutes ago, lew said:

We went with Kaycan willow green double 4 and it's got a faux woodgrain finish Brian.


My parents went with the same Lew but had to have the 1st job taken off due to sun warping the panels. They had to have a special mix done to prevent it from happening. They are on top of a hill and have direct sun 60% of the day. They are very happy with the new look now.


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Your homestead looks great, you did a great job. I, too, have a homestead where I renovate something every year. It is much easier to renovate step by step than to do everything at once. My homestead was inherited from my parents, so it needs serious repairs. I already have a lot of money invested in it. This summer, I plan to install an eavestrough as the extra water can seriously damage the foundation and walls of the house. I have already found a company willing to do the job for a reasonable price.

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