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A good trip up north


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Hi guys, we've been up on the West Arm of Nipissing for the last week and had a fun trip.

Had a momma bear & her cub come outta the ditch in front of us and while Mom ran across the road the youngun was smart enough to wait until we got past cause I sure wouldn't want to hit either one. Couple days later I was walking down the road near the cabin and another bear came outta nowhere about 75 feet in front of me and crossed over into the bush. I always carry my camera but never got a chance to take any pictures.

Never saw a moose this time but there were several good fresh tracks one morning when I went for my daily hike. One set was very fresh tracks of 3 moose crossing the road together and I figured maybe Mom and a couple kids. There was also another good track just up the road from there. 

There was a Ministry water bomber working close to us but there was no obvious signs of fire so we figured maybe they were just practicing but interesting to watch just the same.

I attached a couple pics.









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must have been incredible watching the water bomber making its low pass and water scoop. Only thing close to that was one time at Lakair, a helicopter kept circling low over the area. Asked about the equipment hanging below and Lesley and Kevin's son was a helo pilot and said it was likely something for monitoring leafy crops of, at the time, ill repute ;)


fwiw, dropped by Lakair and it is so different now. cottages have been spruced up (a little too pretty for me tbh, I prefer lodge rustic). camping is def done but they have plans for more luxe camping. as during Lew's visit, place was very quiet :(  hope people return, dennis and denise have done alot to the place. 

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