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Buying a boat, question

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Hello folks,  been a long time since I have been here just been too busy Building the house.

I just saw a 1990 Stringray 596zp bow rider it's 19'5 with a merc 4.3l and a Glastron trailer with surge brakes .

I  don't know anything about Stingray boats and the seller is asking 12,900 any and all feedback is greatly appreciated. 

The boat is second owner and appears to be very well maintained.

Any feedback is welcomed 


Thanks in advance Flex

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That is a 31 year old boat, during a time that boats are selling for stupid money right now. If you decide that it is the one to own have it looked at by a trained marine mechanic to make sure that the major components are solid. Remember if there is a major component that needs to be replaced like , motor, hull damage, rotted transom the repair cost will make this a huge mistake to recover from. 



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Seeing the boats age and price tag Art is 100% right, get a tech to look it over.  Even some late 90's early 2000's items for bikes and sea-doo's are no longer available from MFG.  After 7 years the MFG can decide to stop production of some parts based on lack of sales...  USE caution.  

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Some fibreglass boats last a long time but how do you tell.  
I remember some built in the 1990s and they had wood stringers. They all got scrapped in the next 15 y.  
I don’t think I’ll ever buy an old glass boat unless it was a throw away money amount.  

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21 hours ago, FLEX ROD said:

Thanks for the feedback. 

From a quick firsThe boat is t look, it looks good I just don't know a thing about Stingray boats.


Flex, the boat is well past it's best before date. Without looking at it at that price I would pass. If you think you may still be a customer for sure get it into a well respected marine shop. If the owner won't pay for the inspection I would pass for certwould expect it to be an hours worth of shop labour, around $115.00. Then a run in  a body of water, leaking hulls don't show up running on a garden hose. For a few things to look forI would have the hull checked for gellcoat cracking.

Check transom for cracking, rotting, seperation

Pressure check each cylinder.

Look for gunge in the bildge, may indicate leaks into boat. 

Check trailer suspension, cracks at seams, brakes, wheels and tires. 


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