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Kayak Fishing Outing in Hali


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late summer bass, especially smallmouth can be one of the toughest fish to stay on top of. They move so friggin much throughout the day. The small fish will always been on classic smallmouth spots but finding big ones is like finding a needle in a haystack sometimes. In general they are hanging nearby where youd think theyd be, except they will be deep and difficult to find without electronics.

Take this past weekend, the regular spots were absolutely loaded with small fish, but the big ones were suspended out in 25 up to 40 fow literally off of the structure but not really holding to anything in particular. Youd see them on the graph though, and if you did mark them, they had no problem biting.

In general these fish will move up in the early morning and later evening, but during the day they are elusive and very difficult to pattern in.

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Thanks guys.  Good tips 

Generally on this lake it seems the bigger smallies are quite deep and tougher to pattern.   I spent the day last weekend fishing and weirdly found walleye in the middle of the day in my bass spots but no bass of any size.   As the day went on and got hot was tough to pattern anything 

But I still love fishing later in the season lol

will definitely break out the top waters next time I’m up 


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