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Fishing time, and a great feeling,,,,,,,,,,,,,


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So with all that smoking and cooking going on in my other thread, I did manage about 6-7 hours of wetting a line over this weekend.

Sunday I got a text from #1 son the bite was on . Not being prepared yet for the fall run,I grab my rod and a few of my balanced silly leg jigs. I have never fished one, but with the orders coming from my son and his buddies, they must work, right ? So get there early,my spot was secured by my son and the other young fellas . They are all rigged up with roe,skein and beads . One of the young fellas asked what I was going to use ? I showed him . That is a nice looking silly leg sir. I said as I always do,do not call me sir,KID. LOL. These young guys are a good bunch of fellas.  Respect like when I was a young guy that showed respect to older sirs,I mean ,older fella . 

Light finally comes after sitting 1.5 hours of darkness .

Time to fish . Throw the float,watch as it goes by,twitch as they say in the twitching bug lingo and well,wham . All I felt was the rod tip pull and it was fish on. I was laughing like a young boy. So excited to have a hit on my bug. Then it starts. Leap after leap . Not me,the fish . A steelhead I yelp .SHHHHHHHHHHH, is all I heard from the guys . I couldn't help myself,it was one drift and a hit on my own bug . A nice battle and in the net that my son helped with . Now I know why I have been asked to tie so many. They do put a beating on the jig.

So with that adventure  day behind me.I wanted to get back at it again this morning. Same bait, but also had my hot shot set up with me. No room yesterday for that. At the bank at early dark to just get the spot that I wanted.  Day light comes,start with the bug, but nada. Switch up to the hot shot,nada. Buddy nails one on a 10mm bead. Hey,I got one of those in my back pocket. Not really,It was in my jacket buried some where. Ah, there you are. retie,peg the bead and cast. Float goes by and gone . Set and fish one. Dang me, it,s another nice fish. This one went leaps and bounds . Fresh fish are the best fight. Nice fight,in the net .

Want to get out for a perch fish before I put away the float boat,but the river calls.





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