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Fishing Lac Dumoine


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Went up to 10 Mile Lodge last weekend for the 30th year.

The first 56 km in, the road was pretty good, took about an hour, the last 40 were real rough, took over two hours, checked in with the lodge then a 9 km drive to the boat launch. You can rent 15hp motors but I brought my 9.9 and it pushes the 16' boats just fine. It takes about an hour to the outpost camp but when you get there it feels like heaven.

It was hot and almost no breeze the whole trip. The lake was like glass the whole trip.

Fishing with leaches, mostly drop shotting and drifting. There were five of us, unfortunately because one guy was always alone in a boat and that's a bit tough doing everything yourself but still fun. I was fishing with my son mostly, so we were good.

So hot in the afternoons I didn't even go out, just chilled.

Early morning and evenings were productive but a lot of small ones. 

We had a great fish fry and brought out outr limit.

The biggest was just shy of 3 lbs. It seems the bigger guys just don't bite when it's that hot and bright. Caught over 300 in 3 days though, so still fun.

Another great trip to Lac Dumoine


Off to Lac Camachigama on the Labour Day Weekend  for some moose scouting, camp repairs/improvements and fishing



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