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Cochrane Fly In report


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Hey all, another long time member coming outta the woodwork. 

Home from a week away, "off the grid & un plugged" withe family at a remote Fly in outpost cabin 50 miles north of Cochrane 

Everything came together as we lucked out on the timing & availability of this spot. 

Air Cochrane Services came highly recommended and we share the sentiment.  Cabin was very clean & well equipped with basic/essential needs as well as 3 aluminum boats & well running  6hp outboards. 

Our lake was approximately 2x1 mile. 
Not alot of crazy structure & easy to navigate.  Walleye were all over and pretty easy to pattern.  The dusk bite in the evenings was very  good. Lots in the 14-18 inch with a few each day over 20. Andrea landed the biggest at around 5 lbs & lost one much bigger.
Had a couple pretty windy days that limited our time targeting pike. We did get a few during the week up to 25". Had a couple jigs bitten off too that we didn't see. 

For the the Eyes, jig heads in white, pink, white/pink, orange & chartreuse were best with a dew worm. We tried different twister tail grubs, fuzzee grubs & bucktaiks too.
Never really got into floating jigs, harnesses or spinners much. Wasn't necessary. Only a couple jigs lost to snags. 

I've read many reports over the years on these kind of trips & am thankful for all the advice given. I highly recommend the Fly in experience. 
Despite the great fishing southern Ont & the great lakes has, I've got the urge to explore North a bit more over the next little while.. we'll see where we go next!


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We also just returned from a trip with CAS to Audrey Lake.  Without a single cloud in the sky and 30+ degrees we had trouble finding the big walleyes.  We did catch about 100 14 to 20" though.  That being said we had a blast targeting Pike.  Catching many over 30" including one at 40" for my 12 year old son20210818_125813.jpg.1013dea58313683794ba63cf3b074162.jpg

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