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Stuck wheels on snowblower


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15 minutes ago, Fisherman said:

Post a picture if you can.

Thats my job. LOL


Albert,put some oil  or WD ,on the shaft and the rim area. Let it soak a bit. Over night if you want, that would be better . Then give the rim a few hits with a hammer all around the rim. That should loosen it .

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1 hour ago, ketchenany said:

All solutions are welcome, I’ll start tomorrow with the lube thing over night soak, ‘rubber’ hammer. 
I have until the snow comes. This thing is 32 years old (Craftsman) start great and runs the same. Only used it once last year. But want to keep it looking good. 

Your's is still a spring chicken, mines an Ariens from '68 and still going strong.

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29 minutes ago, ketchenany said:

Those babies aren’t coming off, I did manage to twist the tire until the valve popped out :) and now will inflate them. 
Probably the only way is a torch. 

Well you got lucky with that one, I would still make the effort to keep putting the rust buster to the axle to get the wheels off and when you do, grease the bejesus out of them.

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