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Rapala reel warranty?


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I have a cheap Rapala Trolling reel that has a broken spool. Bought it for under a $100 a few months back at Sail the receipt is long gone so Sail tried but basically SOL.

Only used 3 times and when It seemed “locked up” yesterday and unusable so I took to Sail for a look. They were great, took it apart to see the plastic spool had cracked and the line just wedged in. It worked great last week so this is a surprise. I think it has landed 1 12lbs salmon but nothing huge.

Sorry to make a big story out of a cheap reel but just wondering if anyone has tried warranty stuff with Rapala Canada and if its worth it for this “economical” reel.

I will probably fire off a email and maybe check if I can find a replacement spool.

Thx ahead. 

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I had one of those for a couple years and never had a problem but I’ve heard a lot of people has issues with them.  I did do a warranty claim on an ice auger and they where really good about shipping the part and they did it for free even thought the breakage was due to falling off an ATV, but I had a receipt.  It’s worth a call to try, if it where my $100 I’d be on the phone!

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