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Something aroud here smells like Skunk

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Stopped by the old marina on Erie the other day. The owner graciously invited me to join him for a morning fishing for Pics Sunday. He mentioned it was not the best year on the water other than for jumbo's. It was an hour at least before we marked a baitball and a few fish, before that a fish here and there. I must mention we had a nice Walleye chop and a south west wind, good if not great conditions. My eyes were getting tired watching screens and my fingers and hands were cramping from changing hardware for close to 5 hours. It's been quite a while since I used the muscles needed to change up offerings. We covered water 40 feet to 70 feet, 5 to 7 miles out and back. Like clockwork the wind got stupid around 11 AM switching from SW to WNW so we pointed the bow toward the Hydro stacks and we headed back in. He told me it was the 1st time his boat scunked since he took his ex wife out fishin' and the last time I was setting a single foot on that boat. Does that mean we are divorced??? Grrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!

Anyone else have better luck on the big Lake? 

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11 minutes ago, Fisherman said:

Did you have a banana hidden in your lunch pack, lol.

Ya think maybe, I better check, I haven't seen the other one since I gained 25 pounds of gut!

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